John “Jughead” Pierson From Screeching Weasel And Even In Blackouts

This episode we chat with a true punk pioneer, a founding member of both Screeching Weasel And Even In Blackouts, and host of the Jughead’s Basement podcast, the outspoken and always engaging- John “Jughead” Pierson. It’s a history lesson in punk and you’re invited to enroll tuition-free.

So join Saucey, Odell, and John for all the Podcasting Anthems For A New Tomorrow we can Musically Bark into your Boogadaboogadaboogada EarHoles!


Spent 75 minutes chatting with John “Jughead” Pierson From Screeching Weasel And Even In Blackouts today. This episode definitely exceeded all my expectations, even with the delay issue we were having with Odell. We pretty much covered it all from John’s falling out with Ben Weasel and his departure from Screeching Weasel to diving into the new Even In Blackouts album- ROMANTICO! To John’s work with The Neofuturist, and what comes next for his engaging podcast Jughead’s Basement

A lot of punk history, a lot of great stories and John answers the burning question on many of the fans mind- would Jughead ever play with Screeching Weasel again. So find a comfy place to kick back and press play as we take you on a journey through some true Chicago Punk History. 


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    Hey bro great show! I am going to promote this show.

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      Thanks Shane!

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      Right on thank you my friend. We had some Skype issues and a huge delay hearing Odell…I was a little off my game but John “Jughead” was such an engaging guest he made it easy. -Saucey