Emanuela Hutter From The Hill Billy Moon Explosion Mini-Episode

It’s another special mini-episode as we chat with the enchanting Emanuela Hutter from the upbeat rockabilly band- The Hill Billy Moon Explosion. On the episode, we’ll chat with Emanuela about her long history with the band, her solo work and what it’s like to perform rockabilly in the Switzerland music scene. We’ll also chat about the bands latest album and how they keep the ideas flowing after years of writing and performing.

So join Saucey, Dee, and Emanuela for all the Podcasting Tornadoes we can Musically French Kiss into your Bourgeois Little EarHoles. 


Such a delight mixing it up with the enchanting Emanuela Hutter from The Hill Billy Moon Explosion calling in all the way from Switzerland. No language barrier hear- Just a great conversation about music. politics and how cultures may differ but music really doesn’t because good music is universal. 

On the episode, we chatted with Emanuela about The Hill Billy Moon Explosion’s new album, Emanuela’s solo album and how the Rockabilly scene has changed over the last 20 years of her career. So kick back, get comfy and enjoy this special mini-episode of Musical Osmosis.

What do U think?

    • Benny Engholm
    • March 18, 2019

    I´m Love Emenuela!
    Mayby she not know?
    My secrets.