Olivia, Greg And Sammy From Egg Drop Soup

This episode we will chat with filmmaker, writer, and badass guitarist of the high energy punk band- Egg Drop Soup. We’ll talk a little bit about the band’s history and what it is like coming up in this current music scene of YouTube videos and social media clicks.

So join Saucey, Odell and Olivia for all the Podcasting Partying Alone we can Verbally Toe Jam into your Soupy Little EarHoles.


Ignore the description above because we got three badass Egg Drop Soup members this episode for the price of one! 

This episode was really good for me- and why? Because after doing something so creative for so long you get into a rhythm and things become almost automatic. But this episode though really made me up my game. Not also did I have to unexpectedly chat with ALL three members of Egg Drop Soup and deal with some pretty lousy phone issues, we were also on limited time with the band and we had to move our music news segment to the end of our show…and you know what? I think that kind of shakeup was good for me. Really kept me on my toes and sharpened my skills. So huzzah for life’s little curveballs.  

So triple your pleasure triple your fun on the episode that had me smiling ear to Saucey ear and thanking my lucky stars for the youth of today. 



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