Eric Mann And Adam Thorn From Kudzu Wish

This week we are joined by Eric Mann and our old pal Adam Thorn of Kudzu Wish to talk about their long awaited album release and reunion tour. We’ll chat with Eric and Adam about the long strange history of the band and what was the catalyst for the reunion after all of these years.

So join Saucey, Odell, Eric and Adam for all the Podcasting Church Fingers we can Verbally Reversed Hurricanes into your Robotic Little EarHoles.


Spent eighty minutes stumbling down memory lane with our old pal Adam Thorn and Eric Mann from the mind blowing high energy Kudzu Wish. We chatted about the band’s history dating back to 1998 and their upcoming reunion show and album release. Lots of fun and lots of laugh. So push play and let the podcast erotica begin!

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