Crow Jane From Egrets on Ergot and Prissy Whip

This week Crow Jane talks Egrets on Ergot and Prissy Whip and Kim Coletta stops by to give us a Jawbox reunion update. Plus Saucey and Odell talk about the Southern Maryland music scene of the 90s and what may just be a documentary about that scene in the works. 

So join Saucey, Odell and Crow Jane for all the Occult Matters we can Verbally Exfoliate into your Brainless Little EarHoles.

We’re back baby! It’s our first show of 2019 and oh boy what a great episode to kick off the year with.

Up first is a girl I’ve been trying to get on the show for ages and the cosmos has finally deemed us worthy, the maniacal mistress of the macabre; makeup artist, activist, and musician- Crow Jane. This episode we chat with Crow Jane about her many magnificent musical manifestations, from the hard to pronounce but easy to digest Egrets on Ergot to her verbal onslaught in Prissy Whip to her vaudevillian antics in the legendary Deadbeats. And we also talk about her work as a makeup artist and a little bit about activism and what makes this creative sledgehammer tick.

Later on, we talk with the dynamic and always engaging Kim Coletta from a band that has left a huge footprint in the punk world- Jawbox. We chat with Kim about the long-awaited Jawbox reunion and what it was like jamming with friends again as they prepare to go on tour. All this and enough Crow Jane and Jawbox music to forever alter your perception! Not a bad start to 2019, not bad at all.


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