Dean Cheney And Faith Shannon From The Joeys

They’re young. They’re energetic. They’re the next generation of music and they have their whole lives ahead of them.

This week we talk with a band whose members range from ages 13 to 15- The Joeys. We’ll chat with singer Faith and guitarist Dean about the bands already impressive career, how they got their start and all about the limitations and advantages of their age in the music industry. We’ll also talk about Drooble the music networking site we met them on.


It’s our last music episode of the year and what a great way to head in the future by talking with two very impressive teenage musicians, Faith and Dean from The Joeys. On the episode, we chatted about the pluses and pitfalls of being in a teenage rock band, how the music industry has dramatically changed over our lifetime, and all about what’s next for this dynamic band just starting what I predict will be a long and successful career in music. 

So get ready to get inspired, press play and listen to what the youth of today has to offer. And when you’re done here be sure to check out more of The Joeys music at their website. 

Happy Holidays from The Tin Can Crew.

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