Hayley Cain From Hayley And The Crushers

Grab your hot musical socks and get ready to hop to the infectious bright beach bingo tunes of Hayley And The Crushers. 

This episode we talk with the fabulously colorful Hayley Cain about her new album Cool/Lame, her musical childhood and how to keep music fun in an era of political outrage. And Apollo is back for another installment of “The Process” with Apollo’s Sun.

So join Saucey, Odell and Hayley for all the Blue And Green Podcasting we can Digitally Jaywalk into your Cool/Lame EarHoles. 


Had an amazing time chatting with that colorful queen of poolside glitter trash- Hayley Cain from Hayley and the Crushers. This episode we chatted with Hayley about the bands super groovy new album Cool/Lame, how to creative positive joyful music in the age of Trump and had a lot of laughs. Also Apollo’s Sun is back with “The Process” and we played a rough cut a a brand new track from his upcoming album “It can get better” and talked politics and music. I’m too sick to write a lot of notes this week, so I’ll let this one speak for itself.

Need more Hayley and the Crushers in your life? Of course you do! Check out their ultra-rad video for their single Blue and Green off their new album Cool/Lame.

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