Waldorf World Wide Part Two

It’s the follow up to our Waldorf World Wide episode from 2016, where Saucey, Odell and friends talk about the wondrous Waldorf music scene of the 90s that spawned such bands as Onus, Even Steven, FDA, Megamen, Undermine, World Wide, Diaonic and even Good Charlotte.

So join Saucey, Odell and a half dozen of their life time friends for all the Hardcore Reminiscing we can Musically Jack Hammer into your Local Little EarHoles.


*Editorial Note- SKYPE sucks and did another update so because of sound and connectivity issues there may be a couple of spots that seem choppy, and with that out of the way on to the notes.

Onus, FDA, FOIL, Even Steven, Diaonic, World Wide 3, and Undermine, these were the bands that shaped our youth and the Waldorf music scene of the 1990s. This episode we chat with Bobby Barron and Brad Kegg from my old band Even Steven, JR Glass from Next Step Up, Kevin Howard from Diaonic, Kenny and Ian from FOIL, and Andy Dorsey from Odell’s old band Onus (Formally known as Kid Dynamite) about a little known music scene that had such a resounding impact on so many great musicians and artist.

Want to learn more about the Waldorf music scene of the 1990s check out all the cool pictures and videos we’ve got brewing over at our Rufus Waldorf page.

This episode is dedicated to the Waldorf music scene and the late great Dave Knight of ONUS. Pictured below (left to right) Genevieve Ryan, Roshell Feathers, Jason Budd, Jimmy Carey, Rich Elison, Nick Katsouros (aka Saucey), and Odell Norman (bottom) Andy Dorsey and Dave Knight. Waldorf Scene mid 90s.



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