Activist, Writer And Punk Icon- Alice Bag!

On this special Monday episode of Musical Osmosis- Activist, Writer, Teacher, and Punk Icon Alice Bag stops by to talk about her new album “Blueprint” and to discuss how the punk scene has changed over her vast music career. With special guest co-host musician and composer Hannah Rose Dexter.

So join Saucey, Odell and Alice for all the 77 cent podcasting we can Verbally Shame into your Bagged Up Little EarHoles!


Such a pleasure this week to chat with the lovely and fierce Alice Bag. And as an added bonus I also got to co-host with an exceptional human who’s creative drive I absolutely admire- Hannah Rose Dexter.  

This episode we talked with Alice about her long and important history in the punk community, her activism work and how the punk scene has changed over the years including a discussion about how punk documentaries portrayed those early days of the punk movement. And we also talked about the many musical projects of Alice Bag and dug into her new album “Blueprint”.

I’m a guy who feels lucky and loves every guest we have on board, however, some shows feel more important than others, and I was honored Alice spent 40 minutes chatting with us about her amazing work and legacy.

And now- You heard us talk about and play the song on the podcast. Now watch the incredibly colorful and energetic video for the song 77 off Alice’s new album, Blueprint.

What do U think?