Dave Holmes And Steve Moriarty From Wolves In Argyle

This episode we talk with a band that has a lot of history behind- Wolves In Argyle. We’ll chat with Dave Holmes (formally of The OOZZIES and Steve Moriarty formally of The GITS) about their newest project WIA, their upcoming record label and how punk today compares to the punk of our youth.

So Join Saucey, Odell, Dave and Steve for all the Dangereux Punk Talk we can Musically Howl into your Ferrell EarHoles.


Life is strange sometimes, scratch that life is strange a lot of the time and this interview is a perfect example of that, which will be explained in the episode. Right now I am going through a lot of personal changes, some good and some probably not so good, but beyond the happenstance of how this interview came about the true cosmic coincidence is how the raw emotional tones of Wolves In Argyle seems to be the perfect soundtrack for my life at the moment. But enough of my old punk rocker rambling on to the show notes.

This episode we chatted with Dave Holmes (Formerly of The OOZZIES) and Steve Moriarty (Formerly of The Gits) about their powerful new music project Wolves In Argyle

Due to some ongoing issues with Skype, this episode may seem a little bit hard to follow because Odell had about a 40-second delay on his end. However, working past that I felt like this was a pretty solid episode as we talked with Dave and Steve about the band’s upcoming album, the members long musical history in the punk rock community and how today’s social media driven world compares to the old days of pounding the punk rock pavement to get the word out about your music.

We also played a sneak preview of Wolves In Argyle’s coming single- Letters Never Sent. So reconnect with your roots and take a journey with us as we chat about the old days, the new days and a little about what makes us all human.

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