MC Chris! He’s A Fucking Wizard!

We’re Back Baby!!! And what better way to dive back into our Musically Mischievous podcast than with that charismatic rapper of all things Star Wars, Comic Books and Video Games- MC Chris.

In this episode, we chat with MC Chris about his new album #mcchrisisgoodmusic, his fierce fan base and how the current toxic political environment has impacted his music. And we will also chat with our pal Apollo’s Sun about “The Process”. 

So join Saucey, Odell, and Chris for all the Fucking Podcasting Wizards we can Verbally Scum Lick into your Bounty Hunting EarHoles!


Nerds Rejoice! After 2 years of trying to work out our schedules, we were finally able to get one of my all-time favorite performers on the show- MC Chris.

This episode we talk Star Wars, Robo Erotica, Politics, Freddy Krueger, Good Charlotte and so much more nonsense my lil punk rock head is still spinning with delight. Great episode, feels amazing to be back. The MC Chris portion of the show starts about 15 minutes in for anyone who doesn’t want to listen to my verbal slide show about our family vacation/filming tour last week- and make sure to stick around after our chat with MC Chris as we do another segment of “The Process with Apollo’s Sun“.



What do U think?