Chaz Tolliver From Pine And Tolliver & The Booze

On this episode we chat with that wild man of rock and roll the charismatic musical monster- Chaz Tolliver.

We’ll chat with Chaz about his years spent with The Booze, and all about his new project Pine and Tolliver. We’ll also have another installment of our ongoing series “The Process with Apollo’s Sun”. 

So join Saucey, Odell, and Chaz for all the Derailed And Double Crossed Podcast Talk we can Violently Kick into your Wild Little EarHoles!


Had an amazing and enlightening conversation this week with charismatic frontman Chaz Tolliver. We chatted with Chaz about his former band The Booze, a bit about the Atlanta music scene and all about his new groundbreaking work with Pine and Tolliver. We also talked about Chaz’ growth as a musician since he returned to the music scene after a two-year hiatus and what he is doing differently this time around.

And in the second half of this episode, we continued “The Process” with rapper Apollo’s Sun. Apollo called us from the top of the mountain at world’s end park in Pennsylvania while camping to fill us in on where he is this week on the creation of his new album, “It Can Get Better” and to talk about this week’s track “Sunlight on my porch” and why this song was so personal to him.

This is our last episode for a while. The Tin Can Crew needs a little vacation and time to work on some new projects we have coming soon, so we are taking the month of August off. Musical Osmosis will be back Wednesday, September 12th with musician and artist Michelle Jupiter.

In the meantime be sure to catch up on some of our fabulous archived episodes and take a few minutes to check out this outstanding new song from Pine and Tolliver- Take Me Home. 

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