Composer And Musician Hannah Rose Dexter

This week we chat with the classically trained yet musically genera bending Hannah Rose Dexter about her many musical projects ranging from A Horse A Spoon A Bucket to the Hannah Dexter Quartet to her musical work on such films as Wild Prairie Rose and King Of L.A. 

Also this episode we launch our new segment “The Process with Apollo’s Sun” where rapper Apollo’s Sun walks us through his soul-searching journey creating and producing his new album “It can get better”.

So join Saucey, Odell, and Hannah for all the Musical Jamborees we can Classically Pontificate into your Impossible Little EarHoles.


This episode was a musical cornucopia of technicolored conversational awesomeness, as we chatted with two very different artists, with two very different perspectives, who have both inspired me as a creator and as a human being.

On the first half, we spoke with the classical trained Jedi focused insanely talented musician and composer Hannah Rose Dexter. We chatted with Hannah about musical upbringing, her work with such bands as Big Girl Party, The Reverend Shawn Amos, and Jack Cat’s Swing Trio. And we also chatted with Hannah about her work on Ember Knight’s Movie King Of L.A. and Ember’s latest album “The Disappointment Cowboy“. Plus we found out how the Godfather of Soul, James Brown changed the trajectory of Hannah’s musical career.

On the second half of the episode, we launched our new bi-weekly segment, “The Process with Apollo’s Sun” where rapper Apollo’s Sun walks us through the creative, emotional and mental process of the making of his new album “It Can Get Better”.

On this first segment, Apollo introduces us to his creative process, explains why after 8 years it is finally the right time for a new album and speaks candidly about his alcoholism, recent sobriety and his journey from heartbreak and despair to the man he has become today.

And now probably the most ultra-grooviest video I’ve seen all year- Three Beers Bad, by Ember Knight, with Hannah Rose Dexter.

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