Anna Moss From Handmade Moments

This week we chat with the soulful voice of Handmade Moments, Anna Moss. We’ll talk about the band’s folksy sound, an upcoming European tour and their brand new album The Paw Paw Tree.

We’ll also talk about the band’s brutal bus crash that almost cost them everything, and how they continue creating upbeat music while also pushing against the status quo.

So join Saucey, Odell and Anna for all the Invisible Things we can Verbally Pasteurize into your Mountain Fighting EarHoles.  


I’ll say it again, and then probably a thousand more times in my life, nothing is more important than Weaponized Creativity, and one of the bands who I think exemplifies what it means to be creatively rebellious is Handmade Moments. This was our first episode back after a 3-week break so I felt a little out of sorts at the start of the show, but that was quickly defused by the wit, charm and easy going attitude of our guest, Anna Moss. 

This episode we talked about the band’s driving political message and how they have been able to humanize what many would reflexively see as right/left issues. We also talked about how their devastating bus crash changed their lives and all about their new album The Paw Paw Tree. So take a breath, kick back, open your mind and push play.

And for your viewing pleasure the latest video from Handmade Moments– This Is Your Captain Speaking. 


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