Charlie Harper From UK Subs Mini-Episode

This week a special Mini-Episode of Musical Osmosis with punk icon Charlie Harper from the UK Subs.

We’ll chat with Charlie about his long and epochal career in punk rock and what he thinks of the state of punk and politics today.

So join Saucey, Odell and Charlie for all the we can Verbal Strychnine we can Emotionally Blackmail into your Scummy Little EarHoles.


As we head into a short break I can think of no better way to end our broadcasting season then spending 30 minutes with a true punk rock pioneer. This episode we chatted with the legendary Charlie Harper from The UK Subs. Had a great chat with Charlie about his amazing 40 year career with the band, his writing process and how he sees the youth of today.

We also spoke with Charlie about the UK Subs upcoming summer and new songs they may be working on. This may have been a shorter episode but it meant the world to me and Odell to talk with a walking piece of musical history. *Not adding the usual video this time around since it was a mini-episode. If you don’t know the UK Subs by now then get to Googling my friend.


What do U think?