Shawna Potter From War On Women

This week we talk with the fierce activist and singer of the feminist punk band- War On Women, Shawna Potter about activism and punk music in the Trump era, how to create “Safer Spaces” and what we can ALL be doing as a community to combat racism, violence and misogyny. 

We’ll also chat with Shawna about the band’s new album “Capture The Flag” and how being propelled from guitarist of Avec to front person of War On Women has evolved her voice.

So Join Saucey, Odell and Shawna for all the Verbal Swagger we can Second Wave Goodbye into your Lone Wolf EarHoles.


Well, what was slated to be a 30-minute mini-episode ended up being a stellar 70 minuted conversation about punk, activism and the state of our nation. Shawna Potter was an amazingly compelling guest with a courageously candid (or as we like to call it Tin-Candid) voice whose work in music and activism should be an inspiration to us all. 

This episode we chatted about War On Women‘s history, mission statement and how Shawna works within her community (Baltimore)  to bring about change. We also talked about her activism work with The Baltimore Chapter of Hollaback (which Shawna launched) and her class “Creating Safer Spaces” that she teaches for free. And somehow we even found time to talk about War On Women‘s first album, her song “YouTube Comments” and her upcoming album “Capture The Flag” which drops April 13th and can be purchased at Bridge Nine or pre-ordered on Amazon.

Check out “Second Wave Goodbye” when your feeling down, it will refill your punk rock veins with piss and vinegar, and you just might learn something.

What do U think?

    • Bob Darlington
    • June 7, 2019

    Absolutely loved this, such an important and musically brilliant band, I was lucky to see them in Exeter UK this week, and I’m still smiling now. They have so many things to say, I hope they reach as many ears as possible, I will do my little bit to make sure they do. For my daughters and my granddaughters, I’m so glad that War On Women exists and is spreading the word and the music. For everyone everyone out there that has suffered, or continues to suffer, at the hands of racists, homophobes, misogynists, bullies and liars, you are not alone, much strength to you.

    • Reply

      Right on thanks for the feedback Bob. I actually sent your message over to Shawna from War on Women and she loved it. Glad you enjoyed our podcast. -Saucey