And Now For Something Completely Different!

It’s a special 90 minutes of manic musical pandemonium as we celebrate four of our favorite oddly offbeat and brutally bizarre bands this week on Musical Osmosis!

So join Saucey and Odell as we chat with the manager of Mac Sabbath- Mike Odd, Mickey from Cowabunga Pizza Time, Head Ned from Okilly Dokilly and Abby the Spoon Lady to find out what makes these peculiar performers tick.

It’s a conversational calamity of prosperous proportions and you’re invited- so spike that Kool Aid and get ready to go down the rabbit hole with your pals from Tin Can.


The upside of having 4 amazingly engaging bands on one episode? Laughs and great conversation. The downside of having 4 amazingly engaging bands on one episode? We didn’t have nearly enough time to dig in with each guest as much as I wanted. The first half of the show was a little rushed as I tried to play catch up because we started 20 minutes late due to technical difficulties. But even with that little hiccup we still ended up with over 100 minutes of glorious musical madness.

Our first guest was the manger of America’s premiere “Drive Thru Metal” band- Mac Sabbath! On the episode, we chatted with Mike about Mac Sabbath’s dark time-traveling origins, Ronald Osbourne’s hatred of 21st century technology and why Mac Sabbath won’t do Ronnie James Dio songs. We also got the inside scoop on what may lay ahead for these sinister fast food musical mutants and how Mac Sabbath‘s live shows are hypnotizing our lethargic burger nation. 

Next on our Marvelous Musical Menu is a lady, or should I say Spoon Lady, who has traveled the nation playing blues, folk and jug music on her collection of spoons. Abby Roach. Abby was super laid back and chatted with us about the history and development of her amazing talent, her activism work trying to bridge the gap between the complicated city bureaucracy and the free spirited autonomy of the street performer, and a little bit about her journey on the railways from her birthplace in Wichita, Kansas to her current location in Asheville, North Carolina. We definitely learned a lot about busking, hustling and creating pure energetic music with Abby The Spoon Lady.

Rolling into our show 3rd was that obsessively polite left-handed neighborino from Springfield, Head Ned from the brutally sincere “Heavy Nedal” band- Okilly Dokilly. We chatted with Ned about the virtues of satirical metal, the band’s explosive emergence onto the music scene before they even played their first show, and how Okilly Dokilly is changing the genre of heavy metal music with their message of brutality and wholesomeness. We also conversed with the mustachioed madman about the band’s insane live shows and what is next on the horizon for Okilly Dokilly as they rock Springfields all over the USA. 

Last but never least is that zany skating ninja of the pizza party clan- Mickey, lead vocal warrior of the turtle power metal/punk band Cowabunga Pizza Time.  We finished up this episode gabbing with Mickey about the history of Cowabunga Pizza Time, their unique message of partying and political awareness (because remember kids “sometimes you’re doing keg stands and sometimes you’re throwing up in the toilet”-Mickey) and why music and art, especially the fun kind, has never been more important than in our current politically toxic climate. We also talked with Mickey about the writing process and what the universe has in store next for the underground pizza party warriors known as Cowabunga Pizza Time.

So there you have- it four great performers who are changing the stereotypes of what it means to rock hard, play hard and be taken seriously as musicians while not being taken too seriously. So make a pizza, grab some fries, put on a cheesy green sweater and spend 100 beautiful minutes with your pals at Tin Can Media.


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