Dek Drongo From Drongos For Europe

It’s our Fifthly 50th Frantic Episode with Dek Drongo From Drongos For Europe.

This week we chat with the rebellious bassist of the UK punk band Drongos For Europe- Dek Drongo. We’ll chat with Dek about the bands long and turbulent history, the band’s early days and how Dek’s recent health issues has changed his views on life and politics.

We will also talk about the state of punk in the UK today and what the band has planned for 2018.

So Join Saucey, Odell and Dek for all the Punk Rock Radio we can Spirit Bomb into your Wasted Little EarHoles!


Oh boy we had some serious technical issues this episode. Skype updated and it through our international calling features into complete chaos, but after an hour of hard work and almost saintly patients of our guest, we finally got to do somewhat of an interview with Dek Drongo from Drongos For Europe, until our system dropped the call again.

This episode we chatted with Dek about his long and legendary off and on 30 plus year career in Drongos For Europe as well as his side project Spirit Bomb, we also talked about what motivates him to keep on going full throttle punk rock all these years, and a little bit about how his life has changed since his stroke almost one year ago.

So again we apologize for the technical issues and the shorter format, but hey these things happen from time to time.

One of the things I love about this band is their videos, so with no further ado, “City Without A Soul” by Drongos For Europe.

What do U think?

    • Dave Patrick
    • February 14, 2018

    A throughly good listen. Was hooked on every word. Thanks Dek your a Legend and an inspiration to us all. Respect man.

    • Reply

      Hey Dave, thanks for checking out the episode. Yeah Dek was awesome to chat with, we had some international calling issue because of a Skype update so I didn’t get to do the whole interview how I wanted, but worry not we will have Dek back sometime during the summer. -Saucey