Rapper Apollo’s Sun

This week we chat with the multifaceted rapper and performer Apollo’s Sun about his long and hard-fought career, the Pennsylvania hip-hop scene, and what’s next for this prolific rapper.

We’ll also talk about how the hip-hop scene has changed since he started rapping at the young age of 13 and the long-awaited follow up to his lyrically artful “Falling Is Great” album.

So Join Saucey, Odell and Apollo’s Sun for all the Happy Masochism we can Musically Tattoo onto your Rusted Little EarHoles!


Had such a great time tonight mixing it up with Apollo’s Sun. It’s not everyday you meet a person who is willing to put themselves completely out there and put it all on the line to voice their honest uncensored perspective. I for one am glad we still have honest voices out there expressing themselves through their music and art.

This episode we actually talked about life more than even music. We touched on Apollo’s long and turbulent career, what motivates him as an artist, and why the industry is designed to keep out pure powerful voices like his while pushing recycled garbage to further deteriorate your mind and soul.

We also also chat a little about Apollo’s Sun new upcoming album, so much about life and the struggle we all go through and even the nefarious weaponize brown note. 

So open your mind, kick back and listen to an hour of wisdom, perspective and humor. 



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