Benjamin Jaffe Flying Solo

This week on Musical Osmosis we talk with HoneyHoney guitarist Benjamin Jaffe about his upcoming solo album “Oh Wild Ocean of Love”, his long ten year career as one half of the amazing folk rock band HoneyHoney and what it is like to be back flying solo after years of collaboration with his partner Suzanne Santo.

We’ll also talk a bit about his new YouTube series “Rearranger” and his involvement with the Santa Fe Dreamers Project.

So join Saucey, Odell and Ben for all the Musical Blooming we can Verbally Dominate into your Wild Little EarHoles.


We had a great time chatting with the multifaceted musician Benjamin Jaffe tonight. Ben was a really cool dude to chat with and so personable that the conversation took some weird and wonderful turns.

This episode we talked with Ben about his upcoming solo project “Oh, Wild Ocean Of Love”, life after HoneyHoney and how Ben is adjusting to going from a 10 year collaboration with his musical partner Suzanne Santo to striking out on his own. We also chatted about life, death and what it all means and how those ideas inspire Ben’s music.

So grab a coffee, turn up your head phones and try not to get stabbed in the tint as your pals at Tin Can make beautiful musical conversation together.

Need some more of those sweet sonic sounds from Benjamin Jaffe? Don’t spend precious minutes on the Google machine when you can just click the video below!

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