Special AGT-Dee Episode

Special AGT Dee episode. This week we wish buckets of luck to our very own “Dee The Producer” as she gets ready for her big AGT audition in Savannah Georgia on November 19th. And what better way to help Dee get over her pre-performance jitters than chatting with 2 of our all-time favorite AGT contestants- The Sexy and Sultry RL Bell and the man who puts the musical pumpkin spice in Halloween, Matt Geiler.

We’ll get some AGT advice from Matt and RL as well as talk about any current projects they are working on. So help us wish Dee luck as she shows off her vocal chops on AGT.


In the days leading up to Dee’s big America’s Got Talent audition, I decided to get 2 of my favorite past AGT contestants RL Bell and Matt Geiler on to give Dee some practical advice and share a little bit about their experiences on the show.

This episode we chatted AGT of course and we also talked a bit about the impact the show had on RL and Matt’s careers and what 2018 has in store for these two amazingly talented people. So put on your Stovetop Stuffing Holiday Pants and kick back with the Tin Can Crew for an hour of laughs and great conversation.

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