Get Fit In One Minute

I hate exercise.

No, that’s not right.

I LOATHE exercise. I don’t like sweating, being too hot, being too thirsty, things hurting, my clothes sticking to me, and I CERTAINLY will NOT work out in front of other people. Not even my husband, and I’m pretty sure he’s seen me naked. But, I know I can. And if I can…so can you. Trite, but true.

You need to take just a few simple actions.

1) Find an exercise you enjoy (as I finally did).

This will take some trial and error, but it doesn’t matter what it is. It can be running, swimming, lifting weights, playing basketball, literally anything that gets you sweating.

2) Starting immediately go do that exercise for just 1 minute.

Yes, that’s it. Put on your shorts, t-shirt, sweats, tennis/running/cross-training/basketball shoes, or whatever you need to wear for your workout. And go do it for just 1 minute.

Nobody is so busy they don’t have a single, solitary, free minute in the day.

Psychologically, it is important that you actually “suit up” for your workout so don’t skip that. It gets you in the “yes, I’m about to workout!” mood.

3) When you wake up the next day go do that exercise for another minute.

Do it immediately upon waking. Don’t shower. Don’t eat. Go do your 1-minute workout. Again, it’s just 1 minute. Yes, you have that much time before work, school, or whatever morning commitments you may have.

4) Keep this up for 30 days.

To be fair: 1 minute won’t be enough to get you fit on its own, but it will be enough to get you in the exercise habit.

By the time the 30 days is up, assuming you chose an exercise you truly enjoy, you will not only be in the habit of daily workouts, but you’ll work out for much longer than 1 minute.

It’s a funny thing this brain of ours. When we do something enjoyable it forces us to do it regularly and for a considerable amount of time.

By the way, there ARE ways to make this easier. For example, every night before bed, I put my workout clothes (and shoes) on the chair next to my bed. Then when I get up, I put on my clothes, go to the bathroom, then grab the dog’s leash and get going. It’s so easy for me to make excuses or forget about working out- but not when my clothes are literally within arm’ reach!

Another one of my new favorite things: POKEMON GO!!!!

I know, I know, it’s for kids, right? Uh, no- I walk at least mile and a half every morning before coffee now, and I kind of really like it. I actually take my kids to the park now to walk a couple of miles every few days just so I can walk some more. I highly recommend it. And an extra battery pack. Or two.

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