Recycled Planters

Image Courtesy Reader's Digest via

Image Courtesy Reader’s Digest via

There are only a ton of different ways to recycle or upcycle in your garden- and they can all save you money! Here’s a few of my favorites.

Lighten up your planters!

Forget filling your pots and planters with dirt and making them uber heavy, plant smarter! By filling your planter 1/2 of the way with packing peanuts, empty soda cans, even empty soda bottles (put the lid back on so it holds air), then covering with landscape fabric or an old t-shirt. Then put in your planting medium and boom- 1/3 lighter and you’ve used less dirt! If you’re like me, the stuff in your backyard is NOT going to work for planting (it’s all clay and rocks), and you have to buy it, so you don’t want to waste any. I’ve even gotten to where I’ll use straw/pine shavings from the chicken coop on the bottom to cut down on soil even more. Since I only rake out the coop in the spring/fall, it’s the perfect time to fill pots and planters.

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Use What You Have!

Why go out and buy all sorts of planters/containers when you can make things that will work the same way? I LOVE the idea of hanging planters LIKE THESE tomato planters, but I don’t feel like buying new ones every year when I inevitably want to plant more. So, I’ve started buying the kids 3 Liter sodas instead of 2 liter (since they’re bigger), and then I’ll rinse and cut the top or bottom off and fill with soil and hang with twine/yarn/etc. They’re super easy. Try My Soda Bottle Planter Tutorial Here. Cans, bottles, old reusable bags, just about anything you think of can be used for a planter.

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Get Creative!

It’s amazing what you can put together when you’ve got random junk around the yard/house. Don’t you LOVE these teacup planters made of old tires? And who doesn’t have a pile of them available for free-if-you-pick-them-up on Craigslist? Then you just need some spray paint and you could potentially have an entire Mad Hatter Tea Party in your front yard.

Mkay, so I want that now. I want my whole yard to be Alice in Wonderland Themed….just think of Halloween! Anyway, follow your fun in the garden and you’ll come up with something amazing (and if all else fails, cover it in spray paint and it will still look amazing).

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