Morning Swelfie and Keto Cookies



At 6:40 am this morning, I was at the gym. Crazy, isn’t it? Amazingly, even though I am NOT a morning person, getting up and heading straight to the gym felt nice. Like, Imma do it again tomorrow, nice.  As well it should- studies show that working out first thing in the morning actually helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

Of course, it also means that when Mr. Saucey asked for peanut butter cookies tonight I couldn’t say no to a few. NOMS. The recipe I used today is over here at Baking Outside the Box. It’s good (I mixed approx 1/3 c Pyure and 2/3 c Splenda- perfect!) but they always turn out very cake-like for me. Tasty, but not quite the crunch I was looking for.

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