...but it could be worse!

Harper Valley SBA

Today Rob is on the road- literally. We talk about corn cobs, pizza delivery, and Doug’s back. Alligator or pizza?




Talking in Circles

Tangents ahoy! We veer all over the place in this blatherfest. We should rent ourselves out as a filibuster team. Gee, that’s a great idea, Rob. Thanks, I just thought of it. Anyway, eventually we bring it full circle, only to crumple up that circle, stomp it into the ground, pitch it in the trash, and start completely over. Then we bring the new one back full circle and repeat the whole process. We might even have created some concentric circles in there, I don’t know, you’ll just have to listen and hear for yourselves…



Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The head honcho, king of podcasting, dictator-in-chief of Tin Can Media – Nick “The Saucey One” Katsouros – visits the podcast, and we toe the line like good little soldiers. Right, that sounds like us.

The boss is really here, but all the lines get crossed in this nothing-sacred blabfest. Politics, religion, human nature, and the gentrification of punk band rehearsal spaces take center stage as all hope exits stage left.

Plus, we’ve resurrected the drinking game! If you’re playing along, drink whenever you hear the word “naked” in this episode. (For the hardcore drinking game experts, drink whenever you hear any other word besides “naked” in this episode.)


Everyone’s a Critic

We know that you know you want to know what we don’t know we know about entertainment. We wax poetic about the state of TV and movies and spoil every show you’ve never seen. Siskel and Ebert, eat your heart(s?) out!


Sex & Bacon

Mmmm… bacon…

Mmmm… sex…


Welp, now it’s time for a cigarette and a nap.

Wait, don’t they have bacon condoms or something you should have used?


Are you asleep already???



Spankings, All Around!!

Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! We mentioned the “T” word! Shoot me now!! But… before we get there, we talk school spankings, cops shooting moviegoers, and, of course, the weather. Small talk, big talk, we do it all on this episode. The fun never ends (unless we get serious). Get ready, get set, press play!


A Pot of Lies

Can we get a quiz, man? Why can’t we get a quiz, man? Aw, man, man. Did you know… what was I talkin’ about, man? Oh yeah, the government lies to us, man. About weed, man. It’s all, like, a secret and stuff, man. They do… like… these epic experiments in another dimension where they take people and feed them marijuana oil and cure their diseases, man. Wait, maybe that was in this dimension, I’m not really sure, man. Anyway, it’s crazy because weed is good for you, man, but the man won’t let you have any, man. Damn the man, man! I’m hungry, man. You got any chips, man?





Weird Science

How many movies can we work into a science discussion? Ask Alexa. No, wait, don’t!! Alexa sucks. But I digress. A lot. In fact, that’s what I’m good at. Maybe why I exist. But Doug wants to talk about science, so back to that mess. Did you know we could genetically modify babies to grow up with an irresistible urge to kill John Connor? Wait, did I digress again? Alexa… !!!



What Are the Odds?

Think you could hit a politician with a stray bullet fragment by aiming randomly in the air? Think employees of the health department would be the least likely to acquire food borne illness? Think a lawsuit against pornographers for psychological damage from watching porn could be successful? Think again! (Oh, and ease up on Mariah, ok?)