...but it could be worse!

Real Fake News

Life is easy… and could not be better.


What’s the Point?

Sh*t gets real when we discuss the point or pointlessness of existence. Wait for it…



Tour de Forced Labor

We finally get around to telling you why you should not eat chocolate. Well, you should eat chocolate, but you should also feel really guilty about it.


Phones, Guns, and Buttons

Don’t press the button! Don’t pull the trigger! And don’t, whatever you do, don’t ever answer your phone!!


Fullest House

It’s so easy to be a guest on this podcast, we got four in the same episode. But then, we forgot to hit record, and two had to leave. But two stayed, and we had a great time screaming, yelling, ranting, sighing, snorting, and I think we worked in a nap or two.

Anyway, we’re always on the hunt for guests. If you’d like to get your Life is Hard on (see what I did there?), hit up our producer Dee on Tin Can’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/tincanmediaco/


Tumor… Ick!

The 5-minute frenzy is alive!! We finally got a guest. Doug is dressed for radio. And no one can hear Dee. (Yes you can, just not on the live version. 🙂 <3 Dee).

Unilever just pulled out. And that means exactly what you think it does 🙂



Science Strikes Back

We’ve discussed science before, and we thought we covered it all. But alas, science keeps throwing more stuff into the world, and now we’re behind.

So sit back and relax in a giant unseeable pool of germs and repeat the following phrase: “I’ll never have the flu, I’ll never have the flu.”





Our New Year’s Devolution

The state of humanity is devolving rapidly, and we’re leading the way! This is not a drill.

Wait, is it a drill?

Is it a drill or not?

Where’s Carol?!?



A River Runs Over It ( …because it’s flat… )

We meander like the Mississippi across the flat earth all the way down to Alabama where the yes/no vote on Roy Moore is happening as we speak. Let’s hope what’s-his-name wins, no matter what he stands for. Oh, and his name is Doug, by the way, he must be a good egg.