So Long And Thanks For All The Kettle Of Fish

After 103 episodes of chatting with some of the most talented and amazing people we’ve ever known Kettle Of Fish is coming to an end. So join Dee, Fern, Heather and Saucey and a slew of guests (Steve Trash, Matt GeilerJordyn Aquino, John LehrRebekah Kennedy, Willy RobertsRaychelle, John VoldstadWendy MccolmHaig HovnanianCat AlvaradoLeah Shore, Christopher Wonder and Debra Lamb) as we bid a heartfelt so long to a show that has brought us so much laughter and joy over the years. 


After 4 years and 103 episodes, sadly, Kettle Of Fish is ending. And in related news, this summer our Tin Can Media podcast site launched in July 2016 will be going the way of the dinosaur as well. Although Tin Can Media will still exist as the umbrella for all our creative projects moving forward, we will no longer have this one-stop website to listen/read/watch all our content.

Why is this happening? The short answer LIFE.

Other projects that need more attention and focus on my end, our cohost and business partner Fern has had some personal health issues with family that is going to be a long road to process and recover from, our fabulous Dee is going back to school for her Master’s Degree, and Mama Creepy is moving on to much Creepier pastures.

But fear not you can still check out Saucey and Odell on Musical Osmosis and also jump over to Tin Can Facebook page to see what the Tin Can Crew is working on next.

Thank you for the years of support and making this podcast really something special to be a part of. There are other creative fish in the sea and now it’s time for us to swim on to the next stop in our journey.

-The Tin Can Crew


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