Mary Birdsong Talks About Classy Characters And Cursed Candy Bars

This week actress, writer, and singer Mary Birdsong stops by to talk about Classy Characters And Cursed Candy Bars.

On this episode, we talk to the hilarious and delightful Mary Birdsong about her time on Reno 911, her insanely funny 365 days 365 impressions YouTube series and a little about comedy, politics, and social media.

So join Saucey, Dee and Mary for all the Coconut Nut Clusters we can Verbally Imitate into your 99 Cent EarHoles.


Kind of sad this will be our last episode for a while but I have to say we ended on a fabulously fun note with the dynamic Mary Birdsong. This episode we talked about Mary’s time on Reno 911, all about her many uncanny impressions and a lot about her social media prowess. 

We also chatted with Mary about her LSD, Coconut Nut Clusters and Having Moxie in the digital age. So batten down the hatches and bring your funny bone on over to the episode that will have you questioning the nature of existence. And when you’re done hop on over to Mary Birdsong’s YouTube page for hundreds of micro-laughs.

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