Brad Norman Talks About Pulling A Rabbit Out Of His Hat

This week we chat with actor and the voice of the new Rocky and Bullwinkle series on Amazon Prime, Brad Norman. We’ll talk with Brad about his long and successful career in television commercials and all about his work as Bullwinkle along with a little bit about the history of the 1960s series and why the reboot works so well after almost 60 years since the original.

So join Saucey, Fern, and Brad for all the Perilous Podcasting we can Verbally Animate into your Nostalgic Little EarHoles.


Learned a lot and laughed a lot today, which is my favorite podcast combination with Brad Norman about his role as Bullwinkle in the bombastic reboot of Rocky and Bullwinkle now on Amazon Prime. It was really interesting for me (The Lovable Saucey) to learn a little bit about the history of the legendary cartoon, like what the J stands for in Rocky and Bullwinkle’s middle name to all the thought and compassion that went into the creation of this reboot. Also on this episode, we talk about Brad’s start in the wild world of TV commercials and his appearance on Fox Business news as the sleazy stockbroker for Scottrade so many years ago.

So put on your favorite pajamas, make a huge cup of chocolate milk and let’s flash back to the days of our Saturday morning youth as we talk Rocky and Bullwinkle with Mr. Brad Norman. 

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