Christopher Hoffmann Talks About Getting His Heart In Gear

This week we really do talk about life, love and the creative process with author, engineer, and inventor- Christopher Hoffmann. We’ll chat with Chris about his thought-provoking biography “Heart In Gear“, a little bit about the intense experiences that have made him the man he is today and a lot about his journey from a rigid play it by the numbers engineer to being a passionate inventor and connoisseur of meaningful living.

So join Saucey, Fern, and Chris for all the Makeshift Endothermic Podcasting we can Verbally Galvanize into your Obsolete Little EarHoles!


So much more than a cold sterile conversation with an innovative engineer about the inner workings of mechanical devices, this was an in-depth conversation about the complex ever-changing inner workings of the human spirit. And we loved every minute of it. Our 40-minute scheduled conversation easily turned into 90 minutes as we talked about Chris’ journey and how it has inspired others to try and be their best selves. So put your mind at ease and join Saucey, Dee and Fern as we talk about this crazy little thing called life with our new pal- Christopher Hoffmann.



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