Natasha Ferrier Talks About Inappropriate Children’s Books and Psychotic Smiles

Episode 98: Natasha Ferrier stops by to talk about Inappropriate Children’s Books and Psychotic Smiles. Coming Soon!

This episode we delve into the spectacular world of the Chattanooga comedy scene with the up and coming Natasha Ferrier, we’ll talk all about the Chatta comedy scene, how Natasha has evolved her comedy over the past four years and all about her all female comedy show “Once A Month”

So join Dee, Saucey and Natasha for all the Sexually Raw Comedy we can Bombastically Blast into your Bible Belt EarHoles.


Had a fabulous time on this very mild and sunny Sunday chatting with the hilarious and very sharp Natasha Ferrier. This episode we chatted about the Chattanooga comedy scene, women in comedy and how politics and the metoo movement has impact her over this past four years of performing comedy. We also chatted about why she hasn’t made the move to NYC yet and all about her “Once a Month” comedy show.

So relax, take a break from the mayhem of the busy shopping season and join Natasha and your pals from Tin Can for forty minutes of tried and true conversation.

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