Eddie Deezen Talks About Beatles, Baseball And Bad-Ass Trivia

Episode 97: Actor Eddie Deezen stops by to talk about Beatles, Baseball And Bad-Ass Trivia

This episode we chat with the charming and beloved nerd of such classic films as Grease, War Games, and 1941. This episode we’ll talk with Eddie about his long and strange career- from vomiting in Steven Spielberg’s toilet to being too nerdy to be cast in Revenge of the Nerds; Eddie Deezen’s work has left a creative impact on any 80s kid that felt left out, left behind or left alone.

So Join Dee, Saucey, and Eddie for all the Audio Midnight Madness we can Digitally War Game into your Summer Loving EarHoles.


So glad we had today’s guest on our last episode of Kettle Of Fish before our holiday break. This week we talked with the charming and intensively interesting Eddie Deezen about his long and strange career as Hollywood’s first beloved computer nerd. On the episode, Eddie regaled us with stories of vomiting in Steven Spielberg’s toilet, the almost divine intervention that led to Eddie’s role in the classic movie Grease, and how Grease saved Eddie from getting pummeled by angry gang bangers. We also chatted about big dreams, alternate realities and played some Beatles, Babe Ruth or Bullshit trivia.

So slip on those old parachute pants and hyper color teeshirts and get ready for a fun hour of great stories, great laughs and a nostalgic look at the 80s with Eddie and your pals at Tin Can.

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