Lucia Brizzi Talks About Making A Mess Of The Patriarchy

Episode 96: Comedian, Actor, and Performer Lucia Brizzi stops by to talk about Making A Mess Of The Patriarchy

This week we chat with the comedic paradigm shifting performer of the mind, body, and soul- Lucia Brizzi. We’ll chat with Lucia about her groundbreaking live show WOM, her alter ego self-help cult leader Talia Brava and all about how she stays sane and center in an often insane and off balanced world.

So join Dee, Saucey, and Lucia for all the Mass Marketed Self-Help we can Snobbishly Scream into your Desperate Little EarHoles.


Spent an hour with the charming and creatively inspiring actor and performer Lucia Brizzi and her alter ego the tyrannical God of self-entitlement Talia Brava. This episode we chatted about Lucia’s empowering stage show- WOM, self-care in an environment where so many are self-absorbed and how to comedy in this new multimedia digital world. We also spent some time with the all-knowing guru of self-improvement Talia Brava and she was gracious enough to take questions from a little sad lost soul like me.

So let down those emotional walls, indulge in some psychedelics and learn a little about life, love and the creative process with Lucia Brizzi and your pals at Tin Can. 

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