Strangling Jack Talks About Leaving An Impression On The Youth Of Today

Episode 95: Actor, Comedian and Impressionist Strangling Jack stops by to talk about Leaving An Impression On The Youth Of Today.

This episode we chat with that madman of comedy Chris “Straggling Jack” Weidman about the horrors of Social Justice Warriors, the horrors of comedy and the horrors of political correctness. And we also chat with Jack about his new series “Blue Comedy TV” and how Strangling Jack is adjusting to the sunny world of Florida.

So join Saucey, Dee and Jack for all the Inappropriate Dick Jokes we can Verbally Chainsaw into your Delicate Little EarHoles.


Happy Halloween from the Tin Can Crew! This episode we chatted with our pal, actor and impressionist Chris “Strangling Jack” Weidman. We talked with Jack about his move from NOLA to Florida, a little about SJW and politics and broke down Business Insiders top 20 grossing horror movies of all time. Keeping the notes simple this week. Push play, you’ll dig, I think our best episodes are always the ones where we have the most fun just chatting with our pals in the comedy world, I have a feeling you’ll really like this one. 

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