Matt Geiler Talks About Fixers, Elixirs And Holiday Mixers

Episode 94: Comedian, Writer and Musician Matt Geiler stops by to talk about Fixers, Elixirs And Holiday Mixers.

This week the return of our pal, the charismatic holiday dancing pumpkin himself- Matt Geiler. On this episode we’ll chat about Matt’s band Frederick Julius and their upcoming album Fixers and Elixirs, his new children’s book “A Bright House” and all about how this Halloween Meme Sensation is spending his spooky holiday.

So join Saucey, Dee and Matt for all the Pumpkin Patch Podcasting we can Eerily Trick Or Treat into your Haunted Little EarHoles.


It’s the Dancing Pumpkin vs The Saucey Turkey on a Halloween themed Kettle Of Fish. This episode we chatted with Matt Geiler about his well known dancing pumpkin meme, his plans for Halloween and a little about his dynamic rock band Frederick Julius. We also talked stage fright (no pun intended), trashy selfies and deplorable politics.

Great episode, lots of laughs. Matt’s a most excellent human- listen with someone you love!

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