Mama Creepy Talks About The Horror Of It All

Episode 93: Podcaster and Horror Fiend  Mama Creepy stops by to talk about The Horror Of It All.

This episode we chat with our newest podcaster on Tin Can Media, Mama Creepy about the launch of her new podcast Mama Creepy’s Corner, her appearance at the Fear Fete Horror film Festival and all things spooky and evil.

So join Saucey, Dee and Mama Creepy for all the Poison Apple Podcasting we can Viciously Machete into your Terrified Little EarHoles.


An extra long spooky episode this week as we chatted with the newest addition to our Tin Can family- Mama Creepy. This episode we chatted about the horrors of the long history of horror movies vs the real-life horrors of American politics today. We also talk about our favorite horror movies, how far is too far in gore, and what plans your pals at Tin Can have for the upcoming holiday.

So turn off the lights, pull that blanket over your head and get ready to pee your pants with podcasting delight as we kick off our 10 days of Halloween with Mama Creepy and your pals on the Tin Can!

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