George Basil Talks About Getting Wrecked, Again!

Episode 92: Actor and Improve Performer George Basil stops by to talk about Getting Wrecked, Again!

This episode we welcome back our pal the charming and philosophical George Basil. This episode we’ll talk to George about his many current and upcoming projects- from the TBS show Wrecked to HBO’s Crashing to a slew of indie projects and how George juggles so many creative endeavors and still stays so down to Earth.

We’ll also chat with George about how to stay centered in a time of so much chaos and of course a little about “Clown Dick”

So join Dee, Saucey and George for all the Savage Island Comedy we can Verbally Crash into your Flaky Little EarHoles.


Clown Dick or Rambo Dick, Passive Chickens or Chicken Anarchy, Sick Political Systems or Civil War in Amish Country- These are some of the burning topics we chatted about with enigmatic actor George Basil. We always have an amazing conversation with George and this episode was no different. We chatted a little about politics, social media and how to manage your time creatively. 

We also talked about George’s character Chet on this season of Wrecked and about the coming season of Crashing. So close down your social media, open up that chicken coup and enjoy an hour of laughs and deep thoughts with George Basil and your pals at Tin Can. 

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    Great episode!

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      Right on glad you dug it. George is always a lot of fun to chat with. Can you believe we are rolling up on our 100th episode soon!!! -Saucey

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