Wesley Eure Talks About Living In The Land Of The Lost

Episode 91: Actor and Writer Wesley Eure stops by to talk about Living In The Land Of The Lost.

This episode we chat with actor, writer and all around nice guy- Wesley Eure about his role as Will Marshall in the magical Sid and Marty Krofft Saturday morning television series- Land Of The Lost. We’ll chat with Wesley about his time on the classic Saturday morning TV show, his years on the legendary soap opera Days Of Our Lives and answer some fan questions.

And while Fern is still away on family business we welcome our special cohost from the “Life Is Hard” podcast- Mr. Rob West.

So join Saucey, Rob and Wesley for all the Routine Podcasting we can we can Verbally Plunge into your Lost Little EarHoles.


Had such a great time today reminiscing a huge part of my childhood with the charming and outgoing Wesley Eure. On the episode, we chatted with Wesley about his experience playing Will Marshall on the iconic Saturday morning live action television series “Land Of The Lost, a bit about his time on Days Of Our Lives and a little about his magical holiday children’s book Red Wings Of Christmas

We also chatted with Wesley about his coming Pop-Con, how Wesley handles disappointments and all about the 2009 remake of Land Of The Lost. 

So grab a bowl of fruity pebbles, put on your favorite footie pajamas and set the way back machine for a time before the YouTube, Social Media and Downloadable Content as we spend 60 minutes living in the Land of the Lost!


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