Special 90th Super Happy Fun Episode

It’s our special Super Duper Happy Fun 90th Episode and what better way to bring on the happy than chatting with some of the most colorful, creative and resilient people I know. 

This episode we talk with the always Unusually Upbeat Mary England from Uncustomary Love, the Continually Caring Coach Moore from Care365.Org, the Hope Seeking Searcher Mary Latham from mooregood.today, the Beautifully Bright Bobby Love and the Aesthetic Artistic Shad Nowicki

So join Saucey, Dee, Mary and 5 amazing bearers of happiness for all the Verbal Rainbows we can Happy Dance into your Awe-Inspiring


Now that I am not immersed in the often hateful and toxic world of politics 24/7 I like to take a break from my usual straightforward music and comedy episodes to focus on the things that are really positive in this world. As much fun as I have traveling and speaking with people about what drives them and what they are passionate about, I feel we all need a counterbalance to remind us that maybe, just maybe the world is not as awful as it appears to be.

And that is why I invited 5 of the most bright, positive and colorful people on this episode of Kettle of Fish.

First up is the stubbornly optimistic Mary England from Uncustomary Love.  Thru true adversity Mary aka Uncustomary found a way to turn her sadness into a fantastic website and lifestyle of spreading joy and hope. Forget lying down and dying this girl is a rainbow-colored fighter and also my optimistic cohost this episode. 

Next up is a truly gallant gentleman I meet in a movie theater parking lot- from Care365.org the man who took the “Tired” out of retirement and is on a 365 day a year mission to do good, Coach Moore.

3rd on our happiness roster is a girl who turned tragedy into triumph as she travels to collect stories of hope and kindness from More Good Today and the GrAttitude Project the always inspiring Mary Latham.

And probably one of the most focused and colorful people I know, his designs while leave you breathless and his kindness is infectious, owner of Happy Place Designs the Charismatic Creator of Couture Fashion and Costumes- Bobby Love!

Lastly but not leastly that Cosmically Conscience Artist who breaks all the rules, from comic books to 80s television to Star Wars Shad Nowicki is redefining art and pop culture at Shadart.biz

So there you have it, five exceptional people changing the world in five very different ways and they were generous enough to bring their stories to our humble little podcast. So slip into your favorite pair of pajamas, flop down into that bean bag chair, put on a hot cup of cocoa and spend 160 minutes with 5 people who are changing the world for the better one blissfully creative day at a time. 

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    • L V
    • September 25, 2018


    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your interview with Coach Moore! Our world needs more of that positive caring attitude!

    Thank you!

    • Reply

      Absolutely! Thanks so much for the input. Coach Moore along with Bobby, Shad, Mary E and Mary L are doing excellent work to combat some of the fear and hopelessness out there. -Saucey

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