Michael Hayne Talks About Saving ‘Murica!

Episode 89: Writer and Comedian Michael Hayne stops by to talk about Saving ‘Murica!

This episode we chat with that sharp witted politically minded comedian- Impression Guy, Michael Hayne. We’ll chat politics, politics and a little mroe about politics, mixed in with some comedy and the premiere of Micheal’s new satirical character….Hawk McCyanide.

So join Saucey, Fern and Michael for all the Political Cyanide we can Bernie Rally into your Trump Fatigued EarHoles!

Just when I think I’m out they drag me back in again!!!! Well this is our last episode before we go on break until September (for more details listen to our Dark August podcast) and what a way to end with the political humor of comedian and impressionist- Michael Hayne. We chatted with Mike about the state of politics today, will Democrats screw up and lose the midterms and a little about Mike’s new satirical character Hawk McCyanide. So pull your self up by your political bootstraps and spend the last hour with your friend at Tin Can before our break. 

Can’t sleep at night? Can’t watch TV out of fear of what Trump might do next- sounds like you need Muellerol. Watch Michael’s ad below!


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