Wendy McColm Talks About Featherless Birds And Awkward Moments

Episode 88 of Kettle Of Fish: Actor, Writer and Director Wendy McColm stops by to talk about Featherless Birds And Awkward Moments.

This episode we chat with the bright and intuitive, writer, actor and filmmaker Wendy McColm about her bevy of short films ranging from the humorous to the tragic and all about her new full-length feature- “Birds Without Feathers” that is currently rocking indie film festivals nationwide.

So join Saucey, Fern and Wendy for all the Podcasting Exorcism we can Verbally Bike into your Featherless Little Earholes.


We Apologize in advance we had some sound issues this episode and lost a little bit of content. Audio difficulties aside, I really dug our 50 minutes with the charming and introspective filmmaker- Wendy McColm. We really went down the rabbit hole in this episode and talked a lot about feelings, what makes us tick, and all about the human condition. We also talked about Wendy’s bizarrely awkward and brilliant film “Birds Without Feathers” and examined what motivates Wendy to do what she does so well. 

So kick back and get ready to learn a little bit more about what makes this crazy world go around with Wendy McColm and your friends here at Tin Can.

Probably my favorite short with Wendy, watch it with someone you love!


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