Leah Shore Talks About Animating The World Around Her

Episode 77 of Kettle Of Fish: Artist and Film Maker Leah Shore stops by to talk about Animating The World Around Her.

This week we chat with the Imaginatively Irresistible Insurgent of Art- Leah Shore about her insanely thought-provoking animated films, how she stays positive in this new digital hate hole known as social media and what it truly means to be an artist today.

We’ll also find out what Leah is currently working on and chat about our mutual love of the Legendary Italian Rock Band- Goblin.

So join Saucey, Fern, and Leah for all the Verbal Meat Waffles we can Artificially Adorn into your Boobalicious EarHoles.


Whooohooo a double dose of Kettle Of Fish today starting off with the mind-bending creative force better known as Leah Shore. This episode we really jumped down the rabbit hole and chatted about Leah’s films ranging from her known film “Old Man” in which she animated over 5 minutes of rare Charles Manson audio, to her newest life action film “Funeral”.

Lots of zany crazy sideways babble just like we like it and even the correct plural pronunciation of penis. So zone out, listen to us cackle like jackals and then check out Leah Shore’s ground-breaking film “Old Man” below.





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