B. Squid Talks About Conquering The World One Rhyme At A Time

Episode 62 of Kettle Of Fish: Poet and Rapper B. Squid stops by to talk about Conquering The World One Rhyme At A Time.

This week I talk with my new favorite artist the ground breaking and dynamic B. Squid. We’ll talk about Alyson’s long musical journey, her new album Cloud 9 and her work on Binge The Series.

We’ll also talk about Hip Hop’s place in the current political culture and the impact music has on our souls.

So Join Saucey, Fern and B. Squid for all the Radio Silence we can Verbally Melt into your Tentacle Invested EarHoles.

Show Notes:

This week we spent a whole hour with the profound and insightful Alyson Bruno also known as the dynamic rapper B. Squid.  We chatted with B. Squid live as she traveled to Burning Man in her fabulous tour bus The Connie Frances. I personally loved speaking with someone so full of hope, drive and optimism,  really did these old cynical bones good, hopefully you guys will take away the same punk rock, hip hop, can do DIY message that I did from our conversation.

The episode was originally slotted for 30 minutes but as you’ll hear B. Squid had so many great stories and words of wisdom we ran a little long. So crack open a beer, kick back and listen with someone you love to the infections sounds and dialog of a truly unique emerging voice in the hip hop community- B. Squid.

Wanna check out B. Squid’s latest video “Tip Me Over” but too lazy to look for it? Keep calm and trust a Squid, we got you covered.

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