Jessie Kahnweiler Talks About Patriarchs, Schmucks, and Tinder Dates

Episode 56 of Kettle Of Fish: Actor and Comedian Jessie Kahnweiler stops by to talk about Patriarchs, Schmucks, and Tinder Dates.

This episode we talk with the outspoken, no holds barred comedian and filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler about her unique brand of social comedy, her new podcast “Schmucks” and misogyny in the comedy scene.

We also will chat a little bit about life, love, and dating. So Join Dee, Saucey, and Jessie for all of the Sarcastic Schmuck talk we can Verbally Lampoon into your Skinny Little EarHoles.

Show Notes:

Spent 40 minutes talking with multi-talented Jessie Kahnweiler about her thought provoking podcast “Schmucks”, and a little bit about dating and Cuba. This is one of those podcast that can’t be summed up in a few show notes, so press play and listen to us chat about awful people and comedy.

And check out Jessie doing what she does best!



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