Episode Fourteen: Jen Senko Documents The Deprogramming Of Her Dad

Episode Fourteen: Writer and Filmmaker Jen Senko

Every week Saucey and Fern try to find humor “Between The Extremes” by chatting with a different comedian, actor or activist about the nation’s hottest topics, while also finding out a little about the guest themselves This week we talk with the writer and producer of the eye-opening documentary “The Deprogramming Of My Dad” about her groundbreaking film, how Fox News purposely enrages its viewers, and her journey to bring her once kindhearted dad back to the person he used to be.

So join Saucey, Fern and Jen for all the Verbal Conditioning we can Shamelessly Beam in your Indoctrinated Little EarHoles.

Wowsers! We ran way long this week having so much fun chatting with activist and film maker Jen Senko as we talked about her eye opening documentary “The Brainwashing Of My Dad”. This episode we talked about Jen’s journey to document her dad’s transformation for a kind silly nonpolitical father to an angry right wing media ditto head and back again. We also chatted about Conor Lambs’  congressional win in PA18 and the nation wide student walk out in response to the recent Parkland Florida shooting. So spend an 90 minutes with your friends at Tin Can along with the brilliance of Jen Senko and maybe if we all come together we can figure out how to get America moving back in the right direction.

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