Episode Eleven: Kayla Avery Faces Off Against Facebook

Episode Eleven: Writer and Comedian Kayla Avery. 

Every week Saucey and Fern try to find humor “Between The Extremes” by chatting with a different comedian, actor or activist about the nation’s hottest topics, while also finding out a little about the guest themselves

This week we talk with the always outspoken champion of free speech, writer/comedian Kayla Avery about her battle with Facebook and what we average Americans can do to protect the free exchange of ideas. We’ll also talk “Me Too” movement, “Facebook Jailed” and Silence Breakers.

So Join Saucey, Fern, and Kayla for all the Toxic Twitter Talk we can Digitally Ban from your Jailed Little EarHoles.


This was one of those episodes that could have easily gone two or three hours if we let it. Kayla Avery is a true comedy crusader for free speech, and we admire the hell out of her. Had a lot of fun with this one and so much great information and perspectives on Trump’s Twitter, Facebook’s Community Standards, and how speech is regulated and manipulated online. We also chatted about Kayla’s website Facebook Jailed which is a great platform she created to fight back against the Zuckerberg social media machine. So push play and cram 75 minutes of uncensored unabashed and unashamed speech into your overwhelmed little brainpan! 

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