Episode Seven: Dylan Brody Broods About Our Benighted Body Politic

Episode Seven: Writer And Storyteller Dylan Brody.

Every week Saucey and Fern try to find humor “Between The Extremes” by chatting with a different comedian, actor or activist about the nation’s hottest topics, while also finding out a little about the guest themselves:

This week we mix it up with that brilliant purveyor of fine words; author, writer and master storyteller- Dylan Brody. We’ll learn a little bit about the man himself, from his astute observations of this crazy little thing called life to his verbal dagger-like analysis of our current political culture. We’ll also dig into all the week’s news, including the stories mainstream media is not talking about.

So put on your cynical old man face and come get some free range no-nonsense news from your friends on the Tin Can.

Spent an hour with the always intellectually stimulating humorist Dylan Brody talking about the good old Benighted States Of America. We had Dylan on our no politics laughter show- Kettle Of Fish last month and realized it’s impossible for me and Dylan to be in the same orbit and not wax political for hours on end, so we invited him on over to Funny Thing to enlighten us with his sharp analysis of this week’s news.  

Kind of a strange episode for us. Because news moves so fast the format I put together midweek was out the window, we had some technical difficulties towards the beginning of  the show that has been seamlessly edited out by our fabulous producer Dee, and as a show of solidarity with the protesters and as a repute of the nonsense spewing out of Trump’s Twitter feed attacking the NFL I recorded this whole episode while kneeling. (Check out the short video on our YouTube channel.)

Big-Brained Guest, Defiant Host, Magical Producer and Tenacious Co-host all talking NFL vs Trump and The President’s pivot towards the left and what his current uptick in his approval rantings means for the coming months.

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