Episode Five: Heather Fink Calls Out Corruption

Episode Five: Actor, Director And Activist Heather Fink.

Every week Saucey and Fern try to find humor “Between The Extremes” by chatting with a different comedian, actor or activist about the nation’s hottest topics, while also finding out a little about the guest themselves:

This week we talk with Writer, Director and Activist Heather Fink about the current week’s events, the scandal and corruption that seems to plague our current administration, and how the average everyday Joe can fight against the Nazis, Racists and Alt. Right Fascists who seem determined to destroy our country.

We will also talk about Heather’s shift from stand up comedy to writing/directing and her current project, “Inside You”

So turn on, tune in and scream out America!

So after a long hiatus, we are finally back talking politics, and it felt oh so right. This week we finally caught up with writer/director Heather Fink who was gracious enough to come on our show even though we had to cancel on her last year when all that drama went down on our network.

This episode we chatted about Heather’s current project “Inside You” and a little bit about her political past and her shift from stand up to film. On the political side of the table, we talked about the media’s reporting on the secret service going broke under Trump, Steve Bannon’s sudden departure from the White House, and why so many White House staff members stick around and trust me the answer won’t make you sleep any better. To get us started, though, our friend Faith stops by to tell us why she has “Trump Regret”.

Great episode, awesome guests, and hopefully the Tin Can Crew is back on track to talk politics on the regular. Big thanks to all the fans who have shared this rocky ride with us since the launch of the network last July. Much more great programming coming soon from Tin Can Media.



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