Episode Four: Jasper Cole Speaks Freely About Free Speech

Episode Four: Actor And Hollywood Bad Boy Jasper Cole.

Every week Saucey and Fern try to find humor “Between The Extremes” by chatting with a different comedian, actor or activist about the nation’s hottest topics, while also finding out a little about the guest themselves:

As we head into the first 30 days of the Trump administration his supporters are angrier than ever, trying to shut down and shut up anyone who dares to disagree with President Trump and his radical new vision for America. From actors expressing their free speech, to beer ads that showcase immigration to department stores that refuse to do business with the Trump family, there is no end to the slights imaginary or real that dramatically offend President Trump and his supporters.

This episode Saucey, Fern and Actor Jasper Cole dig into the psyche of Trump’s supporters, the state of our nation and what’s in store for America as we enter this Brave New Orwellian World.

This new show is so much more laid back than The Ignorance Equation was. No real conflict, and while thankfully more left leaning as this election cycle and recent experiences have made me realize it is finally time to choose a side and fight for it, the atmosphere and conversations are so much more enjoyable. Not worrying about bringing everyone to the table or caring if group A or B likes us is no longer a concern of mine. In fact extremist, zealots, racist and fascist are not welcome. Not also do I not care if 20 percent of the voting block doesn’t listen, I don’t want them too. That being said I am much happier only speaking to people who occupy the same reality as me.

Our pal Jasper Cole stopped by today, and he is as outspoken as he is charming. We talked a lot this episode about free speech and this entitlement that Trump supporters feel that no one should ever say anything critical of the President, especially entertainers. We also talked a lot about boycotts and this new trend to label anything we don’t like as fake or not legitimate. And of course, we talked a great deal about President Trump, which is really is inescapable at this point. 

Well, I hoped you guys were entertained as we try not to get all too serious on this new podcast. If you want to check out all things Jasper Cole click HERE or about his talk show One on One click HERE.

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