June 20th 2017: John Voldstad Summer Bus Talk

Originally Recorded on 6/20/17

Welcome to Tin Can Media’s “Summer Of Fun Campaign” Where we take the summer of (for the most part) from the toxic and hateful world of politics and talk about all things summer. From John Lehr’s first summer romance to Matt Geiler’s family cookouts in Nebraska, we talk with actors, comedians, musicians and friends about their favorite vacations spots, amusement parks and upcoming summer projects.

So throw some steaks on the grill, chop up some veggies, jump in the pool and grab a cool beer and check out our semi-daily Summer Of Fun chats that will have everyone asking…Politics? What Politics? We don’t need no stinking politics this summer!


It’s Darryl without his brother Larry, and other brother Darryl as we have a quick 15 minute chat with iconic actor John Voldstad live on his bus ride home. John tells us all about his new movie short “Crab Trap“, Tyrants in Therapy” and what he is up to this summer. We had to cut the episode a little short because of technical issues, however John will be back to chat with us some more this summer. Enjoy!

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    • Joan
    • June 22, 2017

    I enjoyed hearing your program and I enjoyed the interview with my friend John Voldstad. I have been a fan of his for many years. Good luck with your program!

    • Reply

      Hi Joan, Thanks for listening and more importantly leaving feedback. These Summer Of Fun shows are something new I am trying, no real format and no prep going in, so it was a little all over the place on my part. Now the Larry, Daryl and Daryl reunion show we did with John, William and Tony is pretty awesome…a solid hour, I’ll repost it in the group in case anyone missed it. -Saucey